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This set of Stations of the Cross are installed in Oxnam Chapel at Wesley Theological Seminary. A similar set was commissioned by the Washington Theological Union in 2006. When the Union was closed, its collection was sold off, and the Stations now reside in a church in Raleigh, NC.

In working with this tradition, I looked for way of telling the story of the passion and death of Jesus without having to give all the details. Somewhere, I saw a set of rough sketches that told the story using only hands, and since I had already been using hands and feet in my work for some time, it made sense to me to adapt that idea into my familiar way of working. In these panels, Jesus opens his hands to accept what comes, and blesses everyone that he meets. Marvelous creatures and loving hearts accompany Jesus on his way, while the jokester winged serpent glides underneath it all. Above the narrative, the sun, moon, and stars shine eternally, as the fiery Holy Spirit hovers in the golden, uncreated divine light.

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